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Septic Systems

EPA Septic GuideA properly operating septic system is a vital part of many homes located in rural areas.  Since the septic system is primarily underground, it is impossible to visually inspect all of the components of a septic system without excavating the ground around the holding tank and leach field.  Additionally, gaining access to the opening may also be cost prohibitive and destructive to the surrounding landscape.  Therefore, a non-invasive inspection of the system is a good starting point that can help determine if the system is operating properly. 

Since there are also local regulations in many areas of the country your local HomeTeam inspector is your best source for information on the particular needs in your area.  Our inspector will perform this service and provide a detailed report regarding the condition of your septic system.  Call HomeTeam today for your Septic Inspection!




All services may not be offered or available in all locations.  Please contact your local HomeTeam Inspection Service for a complete listing of their services.  In addition, some or all of the services performed may be rendered by third party providers.  Such third party providers are independent contractors and not employees, agents, partners or representatives of HomeTeam.  HomeTeam does not warranty or disclaim representations made by third party providers.

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